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Beginning tomorrow, February 11th, the cafeteria will be serving subs and wraps daily for our students. The options, as well as the prices, are outlined in the attachment. Since they are just starting this healthy option, it will take a few days to ensure all the offerings are available. For a short time, not all types of subs and wraps will be avaialble. However, the full menu will soon be part of the daily cafeteria food choces.

Thank you!

Mrs. B. Long

 All schools in Anglophone West are closed today due to weater conditions.

Last chance to complete the survey.

In 2014-15, Anglophone West School District piloted a new provincial report card (K-8).  This year we made some changes based on feedback from the pilot.  As part of this process, we would appreciate parent/guardian feedback on the First Achievement Report. We will use information from this short anonymous survey to improve the K-8 report card implementation.