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High School Exams will begin on June 13th and end on June 17th. An exam schedule is attached to ensure that students are present to write or submit exam requirements. A copy of the exam schedule is available at the main office if a paper copy is needed. Exams begin promptly at 8:30 a.m., so it is imperative that students arrive at school on time for homeroom (before 8:20 a.m.) so that  the learning environment is not interrupted. Thank you in advance for respecting the writing of exams at CNBA.

CNBA will be hosting "Cupcakes for Cancer" on Thursday, May 26, 2016 during middle and high school lunch hours.

Cupcakes will sell for $1.00 each will all proceeds going to the 2016 Relay for Life.

If you are interested in donating cupcakes please drop them off Thursday moring at CNBA.

All cupcakes are nut free.

 Bus #148 Driven by Bruce Storey is running 45 minutes late this am.


Report cards are being sent home today. To maintain consistency with reporting periods, we are sending all report cards for grades 6 to 12 on the same day. Parent Teacher interviews will be held the evening of April 7th and the afternoon of April 8th. Please call the school beginning on Friday, April 1st, to make an appointment.

Have a great Day!

There are some changes coming to our cafeteria menu. It is time to change things up a bit! Here is the main menu items for this week. An official menu will be posted next week. Thank you for your patience as we introduce the new menu.

Tuesday, March 29th - Sub Day & various types of pizza

Wednesday, March 30th - Pulled pork on a kaiser with a salad and vegetables

Thursday, March 31st - Sub Day & various types of pizza

Friday, April 1st - Sub Day & various types of pizza